vande mataramIt is throughout the struggle for independence. The scene is during a little village in state. the sensation of nationalism and also the urge to die for the motherland were running high. Gandhiji had given the decision for Quit Bharat Movement. The folks of this village set to pluck away British flag from the village police-station and place up the Indian flag. They set that they might get in rows. Elders were to square within the front and also the youth behind. kids were t be whole off the scene.

The time for the agitation arrived. Everything went on swimmingly and also the villagers began their march to the police-station. of these were planned and dead with nice enthusiasm. The atmosphere was charged with the sensation of affection for the mother-land. a little girl who saw of these asked her father if she additionally might be part of the agitation. the daddy didn’t allow. no one spoke to her a word. it had been the conveyance of expertise that raised the spirits of nationalism within the lady.

The procession reached the police office in six to seven rows. The police were ready to shoot each line that came forward. it had been set that the emblem shouldn’t fall on the bottom. The line, if being charged with bullets were at hand over the flag to the road behind. Ultimately the last line was to place up the emblem within the police office. The guns charged heavily and also the flag was two-handed over to the rear rows. there have been 2 a lot of rows left, with another thirty to forty meters to travel to hoist the flag.

The little girl was observation of these from her house. Seeing solely 2 rows left, she slowly started walking towards the procession. She saw the elders dying for his or her mother-land, crying out “Vande Mataram.” She was additionally charged with nationalism.

Mean while, the second last row was additionally shot down. The last row proceeded with the flag. because the last men of the procession were additionally dismissed, the person with the flag unconsciously turned back at hand over the flag to somebody.

Seeing this, the miscroscopic lady ran and snatched the flag. She control it high and ran towards the police office. The policemen didn’t spare her too. They dismissed on her chest. As she fell down, she remembered the elders demand that the flag shouldn’t fall on the bottom.

Immediately she smitten the flag on the opening created by the bullet on her chest. She died for the mother-land with the emblem control high on her chest.

The incident was narrated by Sri Vishwambaranath Pandey n the eve of Kavi Paradeep’s seventieth birthday during a perform at New Delhi.

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