Steps for combating terrorism

TerrorismTerrorism has become a global problem. It poses a grave threat to all modern democracies including India. India has been robbed of the innocence by the Terrorist strike in Mumbai, on the 26th day of November, 2008.

The Terror Attack in Mumbai was aimed at hitting tourist, traffic and commercial relations with US and other developed countries. It was also intended to Club India with the USA and the West and Zionists (Israelis). All the Terrorists belonged to Pakistan. Pakistan is known as the epicentre of Terrorism in the world. After 60 hours of Terrorist ordeal, more than a century old Building continued to be rocked by gun shots. The targets of all the Terrorists were white foreign Tourists. Besides, all the Terrorists died due to gun battle except the lone surviving Terrorist Ajmal, Amir Kasab. This dastardly and ghastly killing caused international concern. All fingers pointed to Pakistan. All roads from the Mumbai Terror attack seem to lead to Pakistan.

Terrorism in Pakistan has its roots in the culture of hate and ethos of inequality curricula Text books stir up hatred. Rancour against India is promoted to infect young minds in some mad reason and institution which promote orthodoxy fundamentalism.  History has been distorted and a garbled version has been prescribed to build their mindset and attitudes.

India Democracy has been subject to this harsh Terror strikes in modern times, Parliament Attack. Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Delhi, Terror strikes of 2008 were the eye openers.

Terrorism has become a great challenge for Indian Democracy unless and until this hydra headed monster of Terrorism is heavily crushed; our largest Democracy will survive no longer. Certain steps must be adopted at this hour of crisis.

  1. The Govt. and its Laws must be very tough on Terror, the security system must be tightened and beefed up in order to combat Terrorism and it scourge. There must not be any type f leniency in the matter and there must not be laxity in administration. Govt.’s political compulsions must be tough on Terror.
  2. Centre should channelize it diplomatic mission agencies to mount pressure on countries promoting terrorism to take action against the menace.
  3. The National Security Guard (NSG) acts as the federal force to combat Terrorism. The NSG should be engineered and well dressed with the modern and sophisticated weapon systems.
  4. Top priority n the part of the National Govt. would be safety and security of Nuclear weapon it falls in the wrong hands then it would be highly fatal and the Terrorists may find opportunity to unleash mayhem in India. Otherwise, the country has to pay heavy price for it.
  5. All the members of the international community must be conscious of the scourge of Terrorism. International co-operation and international effort must be emphasised in this regard.
  6. Unprecedented intelligence co-operation involving investigating agencies and spy out fits of India, US, UK, Israel and other countries must be underway.
  7. Trained police personnel must be available for counter Terrorism (CT) operations and adequate resources including Technological force multipliers and Technical skills must reach every nook and corner of the country. This can be ensured only by creating required CT capabilities at the most dispersed level of first responders in police stations.
  8. Terrorist crimes must not be dealt with in a lackadaisical manner. Expeditious trials, with discipline imposed on prosecuting agencies defending counsel and Judges are necessary. Pleas for clemency by Terrorist sentences to death should not be equated with other clemency pleas and should be decided at the earliest.
  9. The public has a right t demand that political parties do not take opportunistic and partisan political stances on terror on the basis of vote bank politics or electoral expediency. They should be penalised at the ballot box, if they do so. Everyone connected with Governance and law & order must be brought under media and public scrutiny on the count
  10. Constitutional experts must put their heads together to see whether under existing law any special power can be given to the security agencies. There is a pressing need to restructure India’s security architecture with sophisticated and modern weapon systems. A federal agency to deal with terrorism must be suggested and stressed.
  11. All major political parties should be taken into confidence to see what urgent steps could be taken to prevent nation from sinking deeper in to chaos.
  12. should immediately work on internal security doctrine that demarcates the role of various security wings and agencies and clear command structure to deal with terrorism.
  13. The Bank Accounts of Terrorist organisations and outfits must be freeze in all countries in the interest of world community.
  14. World community must be seriously concerned with this matter and greater motivation drive from UN to stop grants to the countries resorting to the acts Terrorism be taken.

These conditions deemed to be most important for combating Terror, which will definitely pave the way for establishing peace and security and an orderly life in this world.

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