The magic of Cinema is virtually unfathomable. Cinema conjures up a rainbow of captivating images. Even Auguste and Louis lummiere, the inventors of cinematograph would not have dreamt that one day their pet creation would prove the way for one of the biggest revolutions of the twentieth century.

The cinema as we know it today, is one of the most important and powerful social institutions of our time. It has come to occupy a unique place in our everyday social life. Cinema plays a positive role in society by offering catharsis as well as entertainment. Its birth was a flickering, hardly noticed. Its future is still in the realms of the unknown especially in the wake of rapidly changing communications system.

Cinema plays a positive role in the society in terms of providing entertainment, enhancing information and knowledge, sensitizing people about urgent issues of society, in forming sociability and in offering catharsis. Cinema usually generates social mobility, fluidity and an overall sense of oneness among people of different background. Cinema in general tends to influence other social aspects concerning   the family, religion, secularism, man-woman relationship.

Cinema creates innumerable social changes in the patterns of the caste system, the class system, the family life, the industrial relation and the political structure which seem to have reached a highly turbulent state now-a-days. Cinema is also a factor in strengthening family relationship in the form of husband-wife relation, parent-child relation, sibling relation, and mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relation. Cinema also provides positive changes for family structure. Family ties become so strong that any break in them produces psychic tension.

Cinema seeks to strengthen traditional religious feelings, by popularising myths and modernizing traditions. It strengthens communal harmony and promotes secular values. Cinema affects woman role-model in a positive way. It provides appropriate value frame to keep up her status equivalent to male counterpart.

Of course, commercial cinema plays a negative role in generating sexism and violence in society. Cinema sometimes provides an escape from reality into a dream world instead of facing up the problem of life.

A majority of the people are of the opinion that cinema plays a positive role in society by offering catharsis. That is to say, it offers to release their tensions which they experience in their daily life, be it their family or place of work.

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