How to print pdf in a drupal custom module & print barcode in the bottom of the pdf?


function print_pdf_menu() {

$items = array();

$items[‘print_pdf’] = array( //this creates a URL that will call this form at “examples/form-example”

‘title’ => ‘Download PDF’, //page title

‘description’ => ‘Download PDF File ‘,

‘page callback’ => ‘drupal_get_form’, //this is the function that will be called when the page is accessed.  for a form, use drupal_get_form

‘page arguments’ => array(‘print_pdf_form’), //put the name of the form here

//’access callback’ => TRUE ,

‘access arguments’ => array(‘Download PDF’),


return $items;


function print_pdf_permission()


return array(

‘Download PDF’ =>  array(‘title’ => t(‘Download PDF’)),



function print_pdf_form($form, &$form_state)


//print barcode also

$html=”<table style=’border:2px solid’><tr><td>Test pdf </td></tr></table><div> Code39 : <barcode code=’9865457216′ type=’C39′ size=’0.5′ height=’2.0′ /></div>

<div> ISBN : <barcode code=’1234567890′ type=’isbn’ size=’0.5′ height=’2.0′ /></div>

<div> Code93 : <barcode code=’987654321′ type=’c93′ size=’0.5′ height=’2.0′ /></div>”;

include (“sites/all/modules/mpdf/mpdf.php”);

$current_date=format_date(time(), ‘custom’, ‘Y-m-d h:i:sA ‘);

$mpdf=new mPDF(‘win-1252′,’A4′,”,”,’14’,’14’,’18’,’14’);


$mpdf->list_indent_first_level = 0;

//$stylesheet = file_get_contents(‘sites/all/modules/mpdf/examples/mpdfstyleA4.css’);

$mpdf->mirrorMargins = 1;

//To print url & current date in header

$mpdf->SetHTMLHeader(‘<div style=”text-align: right;float:left;”>’.$current_date.’&emsp;&emsp;&emsp;&emsp;&emsp;&emsp;&emsp;&emsp;&emsp;&emsp;&emsp;&emsp;&emsp;&emsp;&emsp;&emsp;&emsp;&emsp;&emsp;&emsp;&emsp;&emsp;&emsp;&emsp;&emsp;&emsp;’.$base_url.'</div>’, ‘O’);

$mpdf->defaultPageNumStyle = ‘1’;

$mpdf->setFooter(‘<div style=”text-align: right;font-size:18px;font-style: italic;”>{PAGENO}</div>’);



$mpdf->debug = true;


return $form;


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