Water bathCivilization existed, exists and will exist where drinking water is available. Spaces scientists are probing about other planets to notice presence of water to conclude about presence of  life. Water is one of the most essential food items. It forms 80% of blood. For a person 3-4 litre of water intake per day is suggested. Modern foods such as tea, coffee, soft drinks etc.  are depriving him to have the suggested water intake. He is dehydrated to a greater intent. Body’s elimination system cease to function properly. Toxins are getting accumulated, blood, which carries all nutrition to all part of body. Luffens with deficiency in its, useful contents. Diseases are prevailing. Doctors are asking for urine blood test even in case of any simple ailment. In many number of cases they are asking the patients to drink more water, rather they enlight in if the water is not taken, medicines will not work.

By drinking such important water in a systematic calculated way both acute and chronic diseases such as cancer, TB, asthma cardio vascular problems. Urogenital diseases, diabetes, eye troubles, general paralysis, hyperacidity, retinitis, obesity, arthritis, blood pressure etc. can  be cured. Water purities the system and renders the colon more effective in forming new fresh blood by the absorption of the nutrients of the food by the function of the mucosal folds.

The following diseases were cured within the time shown below.

  • Hypertension- One Month
  • Gastric patozis- Two Days
  • Constipation – One day – This is the root cause of all diseases.
  • Diabetes – One week
  • Cancer – One Month
  • Pulmonary tuberculosis- Three Months.

“Everyday before the sunshine, as soon as you get up from bed. Drink,1.26 kg.(1260 cc) of water without stoppage earlier to washing of your face and mouth. There after leave 45 minutes time to take in any food items.

To have full benefit of the water therapy the following observations are to be made.

  • Drink Lukewarm water in the beginning and when you are used to it drinking of cold water is suggested.
  • Where water contains impurities, for better results the water should be boiled in the night and after getting up in the morning, one should drink the upper layer portion of the water.
  • If is found difficult to drink all the water without stoppage, first drink your maximum and then the rest after  a spot walk for 2-5 minutes.
  • People suffering from arthritis and rheumatism should apply water therapy three times a day for the first week and there after only once in a day.
  • Some of the water therapy users may pass more urine. More frequently for the first week, later, the urge will be able to pass urine once.
  • Do not drink water for two hours after taking meals.
  • Do not eat anything between meals, if you feel hungry let water be your food.
  • Give two hours gap before going to bed in the night after food.
  • Do not eat any fruits on tiffins before going to bed in the night.
  • The water can be stored in the vessels made out of gold, silver, copper, bronze, iron, glass, porcelain magnet and mud.

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