familyFamily is a temple, where man can get peace. Family is a word that everybody loves very much. All the happiness of the world is gathered in this world. All the colours f the Rainbow is mixed with the word “Family”. It is the most valuable place among all the places of the world. It is based on blood relationship. Family is full of love and affection. In family man can get assurance, man can get expression to do something, he can share his sorrow and happiness with others. Without family a man cannot live. Whoever lives without family he is either giant or God. Family is based on love, faith, discipline, understanding and adjustment.

Family is of two types: joint family and separate family. Joint family means all the members of family like brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt and others. But separate family means husband, wife and their children. In ancient times there was no separate family. All members of the family were living in one place, but now-a-days there are few joint families. Maximum people like to live in their own family with wife and children. They do not want to take the burden of other members sacrifice for him, but after marriage when he is able to earn something he changes, he becomes selfish and wants to make a world with his wife. He is not keeping any relationship with his old parents or unmarried brothers and sisters.

In ancient times family had some speciality which is not found in modern times. Today people’s thought are very narrow, but in ancient times people were very high minded. They were very co-operative with others. They had faith in God. They loved religion. They sacrificed for the betterment of their family. Family was more beautiful than heaven. They maintained a peaceful life. But in modern times every family every family is disturbed. There is no actual relationship among husband-wife, brother-sister and father-son.

For the disturbance of the family some women are responsible. If they adjust with other members of the family, sacrifice for the family, obey the elders, and then the family life must be enjoyable.

At the end, it can be said that, family is really a ‘temple’, where man can reach his destination. Everybody loves his family whether he is a sage or a thief. Our family is a temple, as beautiful as heaven.


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